Nir Boneh

Research Interests

I graduated from CU Boulder with a master degree in CSCI in 5 years.  I work developing apps for Android, iOS, and web app platforms.  I am familiar with Java, Objective-C, C++, Swift, and JavaScript programming.  I am proficient in SQL, GIT, JSON, XML, and SVN. 

Current Research

Currently, I am the primary programmer for the user interface for the High Definition Geomagnetic model.  I also work closely developing real time Dst calculator, as well as developing several web applications on Google App Engine that insert data into Google SQL.  The data can be queried, processed, and displayed for scientific research using my Java script and HTML programs.
Currently, I am working on a crowd sourced magnetometer application called CrowdMag.  This app uses the magnetometer that resides within smart phones to periodically record measurements of the Earth's local magnetic field and send the data back to NOAA.  With this data we hope to help fill in spatial gaps between permanent magnetic observatories to help improve the development of future geomagnetic models.

Three screenshots from the mobile CrowdMag app where you can see data from users across the globe, as well as the data you have collected.