Manoj C. Nair

Research Interests

Geomagnetic data modeling using data-based and machine-learning techniques. Uncertainty quantification of geomagnetic models and maps. Navigation using Magnetic Anomalies (MagNav). Magnetic signals generated by the motion of seawater. Equatorial ionospheric currents and fields.



Transition NOAA's geomagnetic research products to operational use. Adapt magnetic field models to industrial needs. Real-time forecasting of disturbance-storm-time (Dst) index. Cloud-based, real-time modeling of magnetic and ionospheric fields.  CrowdMag - Crowdsourcing Earth's magnetic data. Data-science challenge "MagNet: Model the Geomagnetic Field". Co-founder of Flatirons Geomagnetic Services, LLC.


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Courses Taught

GEOL/PHYS 6650 Geophysics Graduate Seminar: Geomagnetism 



CSIR-India junior research fellowship 1998