Magnetic Data Sources


Trackline Magnetic Surveys:

NCEI Trackline Database 
NOAA's Geophysics Trackline Data includes both marine and airborne magnetic surveys.


Satellite Data:

Swarm is a European Space Agency mission for geomagnetic research. A launch blog is available!
CHAllenging Minisatellite Payload is a German small satellite mission for geoscientific and atmospheric research and applications managed by GFZ
Ørsted, SAC-C, and Magsat
Satellite data from the Ørsted Science Data Centre
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program



World Data Centre for Geomagnetism, Edinburgh
Holds the Geomagnetic Data Master Catalogue, containing digital minute and hourly mean data
WDC for Geomagnetism, Copenhagen
The World Data Center for Geomagnetism housed by the Atmosphere Space Research Division of the Danish Meteorological Institute in Copenhagen
The International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network is a global network of observatories monitoring the Earth's magnetic field
SuperMAG is a worldwide collaboration of organizations and national agencies that currently operate more than 300 ground based magnetometers.


Crowdsource Data:

NCEI Crowdmag Mobile App 
A smart phone application developed by NCEI that uses the magnetometer in cell phones to create mobile magnetic observatories.


Geomagnetic Indices:

DST from Kyoto University
The World Data Center for Geomagnetism and Space magnetism at Kyoto University DST Index service.
Real-time DST from USGS
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) Real-time DST service
Kp from Potsdam
The GFZ Helmholtz Center Potsdam Kp index service.
Real-time Kp from SWPC
The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center provides a Real-time Kp index service.
F10.7 from SWPC
The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center provides a F10.7 index service for the previous 30 days. Older F10.7 index values are available at OMNIWeb Service, LASP and Potsdam.
OMNIWeb Service
Paths to Magnetic field, Plasma, Energetic particle data relevant to heliospheric studies and resident at Goddard's Space Physics Data Facility.