Real-time Electric field 


Transfer function model 

Climatological Model 

Data & processing 




Usage instructions
  • Dates should be later than 1995-01-01 (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Longitude should be between -180 to 180. 
  • Number of days should be between 1 and 5.

Data download

  • Use the “chart options” to download the data in CSV format.

Programmatic access

  • You may send an http query and get the real-time prompt-penetration electric field data. The simplest way is to just go to . This will bring up the real-time PP information for all the longitude from current time up to the maximum prediction. The application will also provide the processing parameters (for example, the propagation delay time). The data output is in a standard format suitable for programmatic access.
  • The optional parameters in the http query can be used to evaluate the PPEFM model for other dates. For example, prompt-penetration data for 3 days from 2003-10-20 20 UTC can be obtained by It is also possible to get the quiet-day (climatological) component of EEF using this method. See the details below.

Description of the optional query parameters. 

  • month = month of the year (1-12) . Default is the current month.
  • day = day of the month. Default is the current day.
  • year = year (int) (1995 - present). Default is the current year
  • utc = start time in UTC hours. Default is the current time.
  • nDays = Time length of the data required in decimal days (0.125 - 5.0). When this is not specified AND no user start time is specified, data for current time to the end of current prediction is returned. When the user time is specified and nDays is not specified, nDays will have the default value of 0.125 ( 3 hours). When the user specified date + nDays exceeds the end of the prediction time, the data are plotted only till the end of the prediction time.
  • deltalong = longitude interval in decimal degrees. The value should be between 1 and 359. Default is 18 degrees.
  • startlong = first longitude for data . Default is 0 degrees.
  • comp = parameters to be printed. "pp" - prompt penetration only. "cl" - climatology only. "all" - all the components. Default is "pp" .


The web application and the models run on Google App Engine. Latest update : July-2019. Comments, suggestions and help requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.