Annette Balmes


Research  Interests

  • Absolute Positioning using the Earth's Magnetic Anomaly Field
  • Innovative Removal of Temporal Variations Affecting the Field
  • Building Geoprocessing Tools in Python


Current  Research

My group is conducting research on alternatives to the Global Position System which suffers from limitations such as where and when the systems can operate, as well as the potential loss of all signals if GPS satellites fail. One solution is to use magnetic field observations to aid in the navigation of land, sea and airborne modes of transportation.

Due to the nature of the internal and external magnetic fields, there is no way to directly measure the crustal field, which is the field that would best aid in navigation. We can only measure the total magnetic intensity, the superposition of all magnetic sources. My research is based on creating a near-real time removal of subsequent fields as to create a map of the crustal field that can be used to aid in navigation for land, sea, and airborne use.


  • B.S., Geophysical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines '19

Sketch of the various sources contributing to the near-Earth magnetic field  | Download Scientific Diagram

Illustration of the internal and external sources that contribute to the total magnetic anomaly, Source